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Hotel Highly Efficiency Payment With RD4100
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-11 | Views:408

In the daily activities of going out or traveling, always encounter some hotel or catering consumption checkout situation, but such moments are often very annoying, the traditional payment is often the most tedious time-consuming, which is why one of the reasons why business working speed is quite slow. Recently, however, netizens broke the news that downtown upscale hotel Jingxian an excellent working assistant – RD4100 scanning code payment terminal, from payment to print only need within 5 seconds.

According to the introduction, if customers need to finish the whole payment process, as long as the attention of the hotel’s official WeChat public number, enter their information can generate a “two-dimensional code “, then the “two-dimensional code ” RD4100 sweep code, automatically enter paying information, enter the amount to print the paying recode. The whole process is quick and easy and the process is simplified. Significant savings in time, but also greatly improve cashier efficiency.

Hotel Highly Efficiency Payment With RD4100

Hotel official said that this RD4100 scan code payment rounded, looks like a Bluetooth speaker, a large window scanning window, rapid induction. In the hotel, a short trial since a month, the rapid spread to all major hotels installed and quickly recognized by many hotel operators.

Particularly worth mentioning is that this RD4100 barcode scanner was specially developed by RAKINDA for mobile payment. The scanner uses advanced image algorithms, chip design and manufacturing process perfect fusion, equipped with a world-class two-dimensional code reading engine, you can quickly read the minimum brightness and various types of film large screen data barcode. With excellent decoding performance, RD4100 barcode scanner module is widely used in battalion change by mobile payment, meeting two-dimensional code sign and other fields. If you also want to experience this quick scan codes, please contact us quickly.

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