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What Does The Intelligent POS Bring To Us
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In recent years, the retail industry develops rapidly and the scale continues to expand. According to the commerce ministry of 2017 retail sales report, sales of social consumer goods in 2016 is as high as 33.2 trillion yuan, increased by 10% from a year earlier. The Internet of things and big data to support the new retail ecosystem is bound to become a trend in the future.

Being aware of the development of the retail and hospitality industry in the future, retail POS machines gradually began to rise, and “occupy” the supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants… Only you can’t think of a place where POS machine can’t be used! With the rapid development of Internet finance, people’s payment habits are increasingly skewed towards mobile payment, and smart POS machines have become the most sought-after hardware platforms for sellers. It can not only meet the demand of people in the trade payment to achieve “swipe easily, easily pay”, also keep up with the trend of the increasing popularity of electronic payment and improve the satisfaction of consumers. As a “good helper” in the business, smart POS machines are the most popular objects in every industry.

What Does The Intelligent POS Bring To Us

According to the market demand, the RAKINDA company has developed the Eco Mini POS machine, and the Windows/Android/Ubuntu Linux system is compatible! Besides, barcode scanning also has 1D or 2D optional! Ultra-thin and compact design can be placed in various payment environments, or directly connected to the printer. The 10-inch screen saves a lot of operating processes compatible with MSR reader.It serves customers in a faster way and improves the customer’s experience.

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