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RD4100, A Good Desktop QR Code Scanner for Fast Food Restaurant
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RD4100 QR Code is a desktop 2D scanner. Black and red color are available. Also, we can produce the scanner requested by customers.

It features:
1. Fast capture of screen code and paper code, especially developed to scan code on phone screen. Even when the screen is covered with protective film or set to low brightness level, it can still scan fast. Its response time is less than 0.4 second; 

2. Fit scanning distance: its structure allows it to scan QR code on phone screen in a short distance. Users can have a good user experience. For most people are used to scan the code on screen close to the barcode scanner.
3. Easy Application: users can put it on desktop or hang it. There are screw holes at the bottom to fix the scanner.

Typical Application:
POS scanner for restaurants, Bus POS terminal, and other self-service machines.

RD4100, A Good Desktop QR Code Scanner for Fast Food Restaurant

QR Code payment is the trend now. As the leading payment company, Alipay can be used in 25 countries now, such as Australia, Thailand, Denmark, Finland, Singapore etc. More and more people can enjoy the benefits of payment without cash: QR code payment. The number of Chinese tourists in different countries is quite large. Since most of Chinese people have been used to QR code payment now. The Chinese tourists will bring the QR code payment more popular.

Rakinda has been devoted to barcode scanner module area for years. We have models for the different application. Please share us with your project, we will offer you a perfect solution.

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