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Shenzhen Rakinda 4500 Series QR Code Scanner for Mobile Payment
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Nowadays, under the advancement of science and technology, the catering industry is seeking new breakthroughs and changes. “Internet +” under the boom of the wisdom of the restaurant through the introduction of self-help ordering machine, equipped with 2D barcode scanner will be able to provide self-catering “sweep code meal” service, no queuing, no attendant operation. This way to meet the needs of today’s young people’s consumption habits, welcomed by the majority of food and beverage people.

After entering the restaurant, the diner only according to the screen prompts to select the favorite food, and then by calling up the phone or pay the letter of the WeChat placed in the 2d barcode scanning window gently brush to complete the payment to take out the bill waiting on the table, You can. Compared to the artificial way of ordering, it not only eliminates the need to wait for the waiter waiting in line, while the integration of the “scanning payment” of the self-service meal more consumers do not cash to facilitate the payment of pleasure, Take a few seconds, there is no need to worry about the peak meal and worry.

Shenzhen Rakinda 4500 Series QR Code Scanner for Mobile Payment

It is reported that self-help meal machine with a support for mobile phone scanning to pay the 2D barcode scanner module, to play its 2d code recognition and data transmission performance, expand the “scan code meal” function module; with meal ordering system, Software, to achieve the convenience of dining staff meal service. And as a 2d code scanning hardware brand program providers, Shenzhen RAKINDA professional supply of self-service terminal equipment dedicated embedded 4500 series of 2d QR code scanner and application solutions to help self-service terminal manufacturers to expand “2D code scanning” value-added services, Thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.

Shenzhen Rakinda becomes to a large number of electronic systems management enterprises to provide scanning modules, scanning engines, and other products, more than 17 years of research and development experience in the module and scan this become the industry leader! If you would like to know more about the application of the 2d scanner in the self-service terminal, please contact us! We can provide you with low cost, high-performance solutions.

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