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Self-service Mini Payment Kiosk
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For hospital, it is crowded for payment. Especially for good and big hospitals, people from many places come for its good reputation. It is normal to see long queue line. Recently many hospitals have applied mini-payment kiosk. This solves the issue of long queue line for payment greatly.

Wechat or Alipay payment is very popular in China now. People have been used to going out with less cash. A smartphone is enough. Hospitals also use such payment kiosk to offer convenience for people. Both hospitals and people get benefits from such self-service payment kiosk. For hospitals, it promotes payment efficiency and offer diverse payment channels for people. For patients, they can use less time to wait or queue. It helps for their mood and body.

LV1000 barcode scanner module Self-service Mini Payment Kiosk

First people can make an appointment with doctor through APP. After seeing doctor, the doctor will give a paper with barcode on it. People show this barcode to the scan window of this kiosk, then the display will show a qr code with payment details. People can use their smart phone to scan this code on display and the payment will be finished immediately.

This mini payment kiosk will be used more and more. It is small to save space and easy to install. Such kiosk uses LV1000 1D barcode scanner module inside. Even if the environment is bright, it can still scan well. It has the advantages of stable performance and low cost. If the code needs to contain more information, the kiosk can use 2D barcode scanner module, which can scan both 1D and 2D code. LV3296 2D scanner module can be used in this case.
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