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Barcode Scanning Payment Development To Society
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Barcode Scanning Payment is the hot trend for economic development in the 21st century.

Financial circle is also the case since the field of mobile payment by the ant gold and the formation of a pair of micro-Pioneers, the domestic positive and impartial reports have become the old news, the ant gold and financial and pay negative news began to account for the majority. Confirms the old saying “guns out of the first bird”.

Barcode Scanning Payment Development To Society

We often underestimate the importance of people and things that are within reach. Perhaps, really only lost will be cherished. If Microsoft to counter the world of her ridicule and despise, angrily withdraw all Windows and Office products; if Xue Qianqin negative news, learn Alan Tam out of the music or learn Leslie jump; if the ant gold and money to pay the way to stop Alipay and WeChat payment, the world must be very different because of all kinds of barcode readers occur.

Barcode Scanning Payment Development To Society

Fortunately, we do not have such an extreme way to prove the importance of mobile payments, because the world is very large, there are many countries eager to have our convenient means of payment.China’s old rival India is one of them. India has always been the United States horse is expected, has always refused to accept China. However, China’s mobile payment not only let the United States catch up, but also let India surrender and come to China. September 23, “The Wall Street Journal” published in New Delhi, India reporter Newley. Purnell (Newley Purnell) reported that the reduction of India’s pay for China Mobile pay and follow. As the report ended, Indian executives said that coming to China was like “going to college.”

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