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WeChat Payment Cooperates with RoyalPay to Expand Australia Mobile Payment Market
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-10-18 | Views:557

RoyalPay gained a large number of trust and support of customers through a series of intelligent mobile payment and value-added services program since established. In the strategy to promote WeChat payment, RoyalPay will design relevant programs, including WeChat scanning QR code and scanned, portable scanning (IOS platform), credit card and other online support online, offline transactions WeChat payment products based on different types of business.

WeChat Payment Cooperates with RoyalPay, the local payment from Australia, to Expand Mobile Payment Market

Australia’s annual payment transaction market is about 900 billion Australian dollars (including all payments), while Canada’s payment transaction scale is twice as much of Australia’s. Theoretically, these are tapped market by mobile payment. In 2016, 1.1 million Chinese tourists spent $ 10 billion in Australia, according to RoyalPay’s sample survey, 800 samples of consumers, 90% of users use WeChat to pay for the goods.

As a line of business sources, RoyalPay makes a access to WeChat Pay function for its merchants who are under the line of in Australia. At the same time, RoyalPay makes full use of communication function of WeChat, covering millions of cross-border high-quality consumer groups, and issuing a large number of cash red packets and coupons to accelerate the process of intelligent business district.

WeChat Payment Cooperates with RoyalPay, the local payment from Australia, to Expand Mobile Payment Market

RoyalPay offers business that can be divided into two sections: WeChat Pay offshore and local electronic wallet. RoyalPay helps merchants and WeChat platform dock, including system and interface development, server settings, installation, commissioning, on the other hand, will also help businesses spread for Chinese tourists.

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