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Intelligent Ordering Meal, Subvert the Traditional of Meal Habits
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-26 | Views:350

“Internet +” era, intelligent self-service meal machine by virtue of its efficient and easy to manage, cost-effective advantages of subversion of traditional dining habits, is rapidly becoming the focus of the catering industry.

Self-service ordering system includes multiplayer or single of choice, more importantly, can support Alipay, WeChat payment. It is reported that self-service ordering machine embedded in two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with software payment system is no doubt docking Alipay, WeChat payment interface, to provide users with scan barcode payment service.

Intelligent Ordering Meal, Subvert the Traditional of Meal Habits

Through the self-service order meal mode, the customer just follows the screen prompts to click on the favorite food, then select Alipay, WeChat and other fast payment methods, complete the payment can quickly get the ticket. The whole process of operation, not only save the long queue waiting for artificial order meal trouble but also allow users to fully enjoy the no cash quick payment of pleasure.

Compared with the traditional way of ordering meals, buffet meal mode to provide customers experience at the same time, save the cost of the store’s labor. According to the survey, McDonald’s 10 customers will have 4-5 customers using self-service ordering machine orders, which is not only the business operators to save operating costs, but also to solve the long-term difficult, long training cycle, difficult to manage Personnel, difficult to retain people’s problems.

As the application of brand networking solutions, Shenzhen rakinda of the professional supply of self-service meal terminal special scan payment module, help restaurants and mobile Internet convergence and transformation and upgrading, to seize market opportunities!

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