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Mobile Payment E-ticket for transport
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-23 | Views:356

It becomes common to make payments by Phone. Now the excellent idea says hello to the world E-ticket. People like phone payment through Qr code, why not use e-ticket for transport?

Please image without paper-ticket, without transport card, the only barcode on phone is okay. Easy life and easy transport.

The phones are not only wallets but also transport card.
Rakinda has researched and developed the project of phone payment for bus. And this idea has been used in Huian City. The public tries this way; they happily said: “ Don’t need change anymore; don’t worry about the card without money; it is so great”.

Mobile Payment E-ticket for transport

And the barcode reader built in this projects are LV4500 series barcode scanners. This bar code scanners are designed especially for the phone payment, even the light is weak, and even there are the protectors on phone, these readers can read fastly. There are many kinds of readers in this series to meet the different request on market, for example, the e-tickets barcode scanner with glass, the e-tickets barcode reader without glass, the e-tickets QR code scanner with different glass.

Maybe someone is confused about the procedure of phone payment on bus.
Firstly, open the wallets of Wechat or Alipay, and then click “make payment”, and then you will find the payment page; there is payment barcode on this page. This payment barcode is e-tickets, put it before the scanner, you are able to enjoy your charming travel.

Really bar code makes us live easily.
Phone barcode is the green payment way; it save more energy;
And then it is easy to use and relieve the stress of more people; what is more, it also relieves the stress from the mountain change.
Massive is the greatest company produce the e-tickets, and we, Rakinda is the best excellent supplier of barcode scanner.

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