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Jealousy! Hangzhou Bus Have Spread Scan Barcode Payment But Shenzhen Haven’t
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-21 | Views:302

Recently, Alipay announced that the end of May before the central city of Hangzhou, the central area of the bus line to support Alipay scan barcode payment, by the end of June before the city nearly 5,000 bus all the support. In the future, in Hangzhou by bus, no need to coin or ready to exchange money, directly brush Alipay can get on the train.

For the first time, the public just to open Alipay home page “pay”, click on the bottom of the page “ride code” to receive the bus card, you can generate a “ride code”, aimed at the bus scanner reader , Hear “tinkling, please on the car” sound can be completed. In addition, the sesame full of 550 points of the user, you can also enjoy the “take car first and payment after” service.


Internet + smart bus, backed by Alipay Hangzhou has been leading the country, which makes in the technology city of Shenzhen users are envious. You know, bus card balance is insufficient, forget to bring wallet or lack of change, are Shenzhen people feel the common pain.

At present, Shenzhen only subway line 4 pilot Internet ticket project, there is no project in public transport traffic. Many netizens said, tired of queuing up the traffic card or find recharge, hope that the Shenzhen bus can be opened as the same as Hangzhou, scan barcode payment.

As a scanned barcode payment the brand program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched the bus mobile payment application program, the phone “turned” bus card, the user can directly “brush phone” take a ride. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire.

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