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Mobile Phone Scan Two-dimensional Code Take Subway
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-19 | Views:370

Recently, Wuxi Metro convenient for people services on-line trial operation, combined with two-dimensional code wisdom gates, to provide passengers with brush mobile phone two-dimensional code by subway services.

The public through the subway designated mobile phone APP to generate ‘into the station’ two-dimensional code, the two-dimensional code is valid for 30 seconds. In the effective time, the public will ‘into the station’ code in the wisdom of the gates of the bar code scanning window brush, you can stop; after scan code into the station, the mobile phone APP will automatically generate ‘out the station’ two-dimensional code, only for scan out the station. It should be noted that, in order to meet the needs of scanning subway applications, subway station upgrade gates system, the addition of two-dimensional code scanning function, to achieve scanning code to through gate.

Mobile Phone Scan Two-dimensional Code Take Subway

It is reported that the Wuxi subway ‘scan code to take the subway’ is the take car firstly and payment later model. In the payment method, the public can enter the APP “my wallet”, in the account balance, the number of cards or smart payment among the three sets, recharge or purchase before the need for real-name authentication.

This time, Wuxi Metro based on Internet thinking breakthrough innovation, the use of barcode recognition technology and Internet technology, portable smartphone into a smooth bus card for the public to provide a variety of payment options, but also to enhance the level of subway operations, the Internet + Mode of another initiative.

As the application of the Internet brand, Shenzhen rakinda of professional supply of two-dimensional code scanning products and bus mobile payment applications, subway gates scan ticket application and other programs. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire!

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