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Self-service Meal Scan Code Payment Start “Internet + Smart” Dining Mode
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-06 | Views:298

Food and Internet have become more and more popular, buffet meal to replace the traditional manual meal, has become a modernization dining restaurant popular meal mode. Recently, many restaurants in Shenzhen try self-service meal machine project, open the Internet + smart dining model.

Customers through the restaurant buffet meal machine, in the case of no waiter to complete the self-service meal and scan barcode payment the operation. This kind of meal mode, not only improve the efficiency of ordering, but also save labor costs, more in line with the current consumer habits, loved by the majority of food and beverage people.

Self-service Meal Scan Code Payment Start “Internet + Smart” Dining Mode

Often dining peak hours, the waiter as a temporary order waiter of the restaurant, lost the waiter’s own attributes. And self-service meal machine to load two-dimensional code scanner module, the use of Internet technology to hit the traditional point of the point of pain, to achieve consumption can buffet order meal, scan code payment, so that the staff of their duties, improve the level of restaurant services.

As a scan code payment hardware solution provider, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched a self-service ordering machine for embedded scanning payment module and application program, help self-service terminal manufacturers to expand the safe and efficient scan code to pay the cash register channel, thereby enhancing the user experience.

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