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When Can Mobile Payment Purchase Tickets In Hefei?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-09 | Views:372

According to media reports, Hefei Subway is currently paying for mobile phone purchase tickets projects to test is expected to open the second line before the realization of this function. In addition, Hefei subway is expected to launch the “wisdom gates”, passengers just pick up the phone, scan the two-dimensional code to get in the station. “I travel in Guangzhou, take the subway can mobile phone payment, our Hefei what’s time to support this function?” In the service window of Mr. Liu for advice.

take the subway can mobile phone payment

“Mobile phone buy ticket project will soon be able to achieve.” Hefei subway ticketing engineer introduced Ms. Wang, “mobile phone buy ticket project is in the study before the 1 line opening, has now overcome the technical difficulties into the test phase. Pre-part of the site in a small part of the implementation, and then to be technically stable after the trip in one step out the whole line. ” At present, the domestic Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities have been metro has achieved “scan” mobile phone take subway function, scan the phone two-dimensional code is ok. To the Guangzhou Metro, APM line launched the ‘wisdom gates’, for example, compared with the traditional gates, intelligent gates embedded in the two-dimensional code scanning module, with barcode automatic identification, acquisition, and real-time transmission function. Passengers through the phone to buy subway one-way ticket and get the two-dimensional code, in the subway wisdom gates machine scanning window scan code verification can get in the station.

Mobile phone buy the ticket, gate machine check ticket application not only can effectively alleviate the passengers to buy tickets, recharge the use of cash cumbersome, but also to speed up the flow of passengers into the gate. “Is expected to be the fastest line for the opening of this year on the occasion of the two, will launch a smart gate scan machine ticket purchase two-dimensional code get in the station, the specific operational details are still under test.”

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