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Scan Phone To Buy Tickets – Chengdu Subway By Scanning The Terminal To Expand WeChat Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-04 | Views:375

Chengdu subway station buy tickets, recharge can scan WeChat! Recently, there are media reports, Chengdu Line 1 Jincheng Square Station, Tongzi Lin Station, Tianfu three street, Metro Line 4 wide alley station, non-left Expo Park Station to add two-dimensional code payment the scanning terminal, passengers can use WeChat to pay to buy Subway ticket and recharge. This is the second part of the subway station in Chengdu last year after the opening of Alipay ticket, Chengdu Metro once again expand the passenger buy tickets experience.The future will be gradually promoted at other sites.

two-dimensional code payment the scanning terminal

In the trial Alipay, WeChat payment, the five subway stations, passengers only need to show mobile phone WeChat or Alipay of the two-dimensional code so that the ticket seller use a two-dimensional code scanning terminal scan, you can complete one-way ticket or subway card recharge. The whole process of operation fast, no need to exchange money by the passenger’s wide acclaim.

There are insiders said that compared to cash payment, the two-dimensional code to pay to optimize the purchase of subway tickets, recharge process, which can effectively avoid the local passengers or foreign tourists queuing tickets to exchange money trouble, while saving time, resources and costs , The real realization of “A phone in the hands to go all the world.”

RD4100 two-dimensional code payment the scanning terminal

As a bar code industry brand suppliers, Shenzhen rakinda of the needle, in particular, the introduction of an Alipay WeChat payment scanning terminal – RD4100, to meet the industry all aspects of the fast payment needs. According to reports, RD4100 easy to operate, only need to gently scan away, you can safely and easily complete the payment, but also to solve the exchange money, counterfeit money, and other trivial issues. Users do not have any complicated training, you can quickly get started and skilled use is a lot of physical store business in the cash register when the necessary scanning equipment.

At present, the product is widely used in urban subway stations, hotel catering, chain super, with high-quality scanning performance, by many users of praise. Welcome to the needs of customers to inquire!

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