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ICBC Push Two-dimensional Code Payment To UNIQLO
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-28 | Views:430

ICBC two-dimensional code payment into UNIQLO! Recently learned in Huizhou ICBC, the bank launched the ICBC two-dimensional code payment Uniqlo consumer promotions, welcomed by the majority of customers.

During the event, through the ICBC designation APP all national Uniqlo store for two-dimensional code payment, you can enjoy the activities of the offer. It is understood that the current Huizhou Jusco Island AEON shopping center, Rainbow shopping malls have Uniqlo shop, are opened by the 2D code payment of ICBC.

Similar to Alipay, WeChat payment, ICBC two-dimensional code payment is also divided into customer active scan and customers were passive scan too. Among them the model of customers active scan, to support customers to use ICBC APP scan business two-dimensional code or order two-dimensional code and complete the payment; customers were passive scan model, support business through financial POS, MIS installation scanning gun or scanning platform, scanning customer phone APP payment Two-dimensional code to achieve payment. The payment process is easy to operate, as long as easy “scan”, you can cover online and offline, and O2O to pay the whole market, greatly improving the payment efficiency and convenience.

two-dimensional code payment

The popularity of mobile Internet, users have been accustomed to and rely on this mobile Internet payment. This time, ICBC launched two-dimensional code payment the product, not only the ICBC payment system supplement but also on the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s financial and ecological circle of enrichment and extension.

In recent years, “two-dimensional code payment” with its low threshold, low-cost characteristics, become an important part of the mobile payment market, and in the food and clothing to the payment market of popularity is increasing. As a barcode automatic identification technology, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched a special two-dimensional code scanning module products, help financial POS, cashier terminals, self-trafficking terminals and other manufacturers innovation and change, so as to seize the “two-dimensional code payment” application market.

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