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RD4100 Mobile Payment Scanning Terminal Is More Popular Than Similar Products
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-25 | Views:367

Shenzhen Rakinda RD4100 mobile payment scanning terminal, the appearance of simple fashion, elegant temperament, scanning performance precision fast, which by the hotel catering, retailers, such as industry customers wide acclaim. Although the industry reputation is quite good, but there are still some businesses do not know its charm. Below, the editor will RD4100 mobile payment scanning terminal and similar products in the design, scanning performance, easy operation and so on to make a comparison, to facilitate understanding of different scanning products.

RD4100 mobile payment scanning terminal

1, Design
RD4100 overall design lines rounded, like a spherical body shape quite artistic fashion sense; capable black and elegant wine red color choice can be easily integrated into a variety of styles of the store decoration design. The conventional hand-held scanning gun, vertical scanning platform modeling general no new ideas, and the color selection less. In contrast, RD4100 eye-catching appearance more visual impact, to give consumers a better payment experience at the same time, enhance the store image.

2, Scanning Performance
Ordinary mobile payment scanning gun, the scanning platform, can not read the phone, the computer screen is dark or lighter when the bar code information. The RD4100 scanning terminal, using excellent decoding chip, for mobile phone screen code to read a special technical adjustment, for the phone screen is darker or lighter when the one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code reading with perfect performance. In addition, RD4100 large window scanning window, scanning a wide viewing angle, can read larger, longer bar code.

3, A variety of functions of a machine
Based on the ordinary scanning gun accurate decoding, plug, and play function, the RD4100 scan terminal liberate hands and submit the work efficiency. In addition, the product also supports commodity bar code scanning and other functions.

RD4100 mobile payment scanning terminal

RD4100 combined with business cash register system, docking Alipay, WeChat payment interface, through the mobile phone screen to achieve business and user online line seamless docking, to provide consumers with a quick payment of the user experience. At present, the application will gradually cover the hotel catering, business super department stores, convenience fast food restaurants and other places, as well as subway stations, food markets, car parks, gas stations, tourist attractions and other public services.

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