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Wisdom Bookstore self-help sweep payment solution
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Whether you imagine, one day into the book market stores, facing hundreds of thousands of Books, you do not have to find between the bookshelf shuttle, do not consult Purchasing Guide, simply enter the title in the smart terminal can be found To the books; sweep the book barcode can query inventory, price and discount information; brush under the phone to pay the code, that is, to complete the fast payment! Now, this “dream” has been credited into reality!

bookstore self-help sweep payment

Wisdom Bookstore self-help sweep payment solution

RAKINDA and self-service terminal manufacturers to launch a set of self-help sweep payment solution, through the self-service terminal docking book database and cash register system, while the integration of barcode automatic identification technology (Figure), mobile phone network information management needs, The final realization of the user self-cleaning scan payment!

Program operation

1, the software side
A, bookstore database: intelligent self-service terminal docking bookstore database, users can self-help query the book location information;
B, cash register payment: wisdom bookstore cash register system docking Alipay, WeChat payment interface, integrated diversified payment; the intelligent self-service terminal to receive the silver system, with the combination of “LV4500R barcode scanning head” and “barcode scanning and data transmission performance”; Self – help scan code price, payment.

2, the hardware:
A, intelligent bookstore self-service terminal: the device embedded “LV4500R barcode scanning head”, with barcode scanning and data transmission performance, and the book barcode and mobile two-dimensional barcode with high-quality performance.
B, RD4100 mobile payment scanning platform: Bookstore cash register system integration Alipay WeChat payment function, the artificial service desk preparation of an RD4100 mobile payment scanning platform, you can meet the diverse needs of customers to pay.

RD4100 barcode payment

Program revenue
1, to improve the bookstore service capacity
Intelligent self-service terminal commodity information convenient query, sweep payment, experience sharing, the use of new media online and offline as a way to enhance the customer intelligent experience, emotional communication experience and constantly tap the potential needs of customers to enhance the wisdom of Bookstore service capabilities.

2, integrated mobile payment, improve the user experience
Artificial cashier, with the help of RD4100 mobile payment platform application, the integration of goods sweep code, membership scanning code identification, WeChat main sweep/sweep payment, card verification and other functions used in one, to provide readers with a convenient payment experience, service quality.

Products Recommended
1, LV4500R barcode scanning head
LV4500R mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning module, using independent research and development of intelligent core decoding technology, can read the phone screen and paper documents on the barcode information; core function modular design can be achieved with the channel gates, intelligent access control, self-service terminals The perfect embedding of the terminal.

2, RD4100 mobile payment scanning platform
RD4100 mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning platform, is the distance of science and technology (RAKINDA) independent research and development of fixed mobile two-dimensional code scanning equipment, built-in world-class two-dimensional barcode reading engine, greatly improving the efficiency of products, Pay the application field with perfect performance.

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