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How is the Medical Wristband Android Barcode Scanner Applied?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-26 | Views:295
The first QR code has become increasingly mature in patient management, and the patient's medical records are managed through the computer and network systems. Rakinda Handheld PDA S5 Android barcode scanner is a necessary and important scanner toll for both nurses and doctors. 

Patients in hospital, the doctor would use the QR code scanner reads medical wristbands, query barcode recorded data, can in time to a full understanding of the patient's medical history, so as to avoid the misdiagnosis caused by common from memory and oral error, can increase the safety factor of the patient.
S5 Android barcode scanner
How is the medical wristband 2d barcode scanner applied?
Generally after patients admitted to hospital formalities, the nurse will give patients wear a blue-white medical wristband, it has a clear QR code and some written records the patient's basic information, including name, age, blood type, id number, emergency contact phone number, etc., but also including history, history of allergies and other health information.

In addition, in case of need to transfer treatment, the patient's data, including the history, the types of injury, puts forward the treatment method, treatment, treatment status, etc., can be transmitted to the next hospital treatment.
Because of all this information input can use barcode scanner reads medical wristbands finished at one time, 2D barcode to reduce the unnecessary manual entry, to avoid the man-made error.

Therefore, the hospital will be equipped with relevant departments to operate the whole system of QR code, which includes Android PDA and some software procurement and operation.

Rakinda handheld data collector S5 barcode scanner has the industry-leading scanning performance and reliability, which is very suitable for various medical applications requiring multifunctional requirements of 2d image technology.
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