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Medical Barcode Scanner Application
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Rakinda Barcode Scanners used in pharmacies increase productivity and comply with the latest regulatory requirements for drug safety and authenticity. Pharmaceutical companies around the world are tagging their products with specific 2D barcodes that demonstrate their manufacturing behavior and product content as well as providing the most power-efficient data. Many of Rakinda’s medical care scanners are made of disinfectant-ready and antibacterial materials. These devices are designed for tough health care applications where demanding disinfectant solutions that can damage plastic materials in healthcare environments and prevent infection. We recommend android PDA:S1,S2,S3.

rakinda S2 plus Medical Barcode Scanner Application

Accurate and easy-to-use hospital inventory management system is very important for any hospital, nursing home or other medical facility. Tracking the availability and use of medical supplies such as masks, gloves, surgical instruments, gauze and syringes is especially important. Whether it’s over-stocking, theft, or simply inaccuracies, a faulty inventory tracking system quickly disrupts normal business operations and results in time and money wastage. Using mobile data terminals and barcode scanner module, you can create a low-cost inventory management system to track important materials and equipment. When using and receiving new supplies, scanning them can maintain the reliability and accuracy of the whole or partial inventory database. The data collected can be uploaded to the inventory system on a regular or real-time basis to better predict the stock situation, thereby reducing the risk of out-of-stock, backlog of inventory and emergency dispatch.

rakinda S2 PDA barcode scanner

Different application needs different product,if you have any requirements, please tell us, we will try our best to support your solution.

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