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Rakinda LV3096 Reader Used For Hospital Vending Machine
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Rakinda as the grey company in barcode technology over 18 years with rich experience and successful cases from many customers all over the world.

With the continuous improvement of scanning technology, more and more top three hospitals have introduced barcode technology and gradually promoted intelligent management, rapidly improving work efficiency and saving patients’ queuing time.

lv3096 barcode scanner

As a company with professional technical team and rich experience in overseas development, RAKINDA keeps on the road of innovation and provides customers with complete solutions. In the meantime, to welcome Christmas Day and Chinese New Year, RAKINDA has also withdrawn from a series of promotional activities. Customers who choose to place an order in December will enjoy the best prices and holiday surprises. There is a need to know can visit website: www.rakinda.com.

Rakinda LV3096 Reader Used For Hospital Vending Machine
The RD4500 series is one of the most popular barcode scanner modules in 2017. It is mainly used in autonomous equipment, gates, access control and parking. We can easily customize different product requirements for customers. Among them, the 4500R has been particularly tense recently and quickly Will be sold out, performance and price is the best in the industry.

Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development of smart card hardware and software systems, production, sales and operations in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in city card, park area, retail businesses, parking fees, government platforms and other consumer areas. With years of focus on management, innovation and development, the company in the industry
Has a wide range of customer base and industry reputation, to achieve the city card applications and urban bus intelligent scheduling management.

RAKINDA engaged in barcode technology research and development for more than 18 years, we have a mature R & D team and overseas markets, we can help you quickly and easily realize unattended dream.

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