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Shenzhen Rakinda LV3296 barcode scanner application in Medical industry
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2d barcode scanning module industry in China slowly set off another application craze, its application areas from the popularization of people’s daily life to all aspects of various industries, everywhere can see 2d bar code application . Now, 2d bar code scanning module has begun to prevail in the medical industry.

In the medical industry in the United States, the application of 2d barcode scanning module is very common. The 2d barcode has the advantages of large information capacity, high information density and strong coding capability. It can encode text, photos, fingerprints, palm prints, sounds, signatures and other information, and it is easy to print, with low cost, strong error correction capability, High reliability.

Shenzhen Rakinda LV3296 barcode scanner application in Medical industry

The following are the medical industry in the most representative2d bar code scanning module application scenarios.
1.2d bar code scanning module can quickly record the basic information of patients
2.Reduce mistakes in health care work
3.2d barcode module is good for hospital Invoicing materials and financial management

Medical industry there are more bar code module applications! Typical are: medical blood analyzers, urine analyzers, medical test tube reading, nurses visit the bar with a tablet computer which is embedded barcode scanning module! Bar code is rapidly applied to all walks of life.

Shenzhen Rakinda LV3296  2D scanner module, The module uses CMOS image decoding technology, strong performance, easy to scan 1d/2d barcode; integrated design, ideal for embedded all kinds of handheld terminal equipment, such as scanning guns, PDA, smart flat and so on. the module uses excellent decoding technology, can quickly read all kinds of quality barcode;Provide USB, TTL232, and TTL232 interface to meet the needs of more interfaces; decoder board and camera integrated design, the volume reduced to the extreme, To meet the needs of all kinds of very small industrial handheld terminal applications.

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