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2D Qr Scan Engine in Medical Industry
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2D barcode scanner module industry in China is booming, 2D barcode is in many fields from people’s daily life to all aspects of various industries. All in all, barcode is in everywhere. Now 2D barcode has stepped into Medical industry.

2D barcode reader module is popular in American Medical Industy. 2D barcode is with large capacity, high information density, and coding ability; it can encode texts, photos, fingerprints, palm prints, sounds, signatures and other information, what is more, it is easy to be printed, with low cost and high decoding reliability.

2D Qr Scan Engine in Medical Industry

Please kindly check the usage of 2D barcode readers in the medical industry as follows:
1.To record patient’s basic information (for example, nane, age, blood type, ID Number, Urgent Telephone) and information including medical history, allergy history; It helps doctors to fully understand the patient’s condition; it is not only efficient and accurate but also save the valuable time for the patient’s first aid.
2.To reduce mistakes during healthcare work; The first is more applied in the laboratory to track of laboratory items and avoid confusion. The second, there is a 2D barcode on patient’s wristband; The third, there is 2D barcode in drugs and test containers. It can check the information and avoid the mistakes.
3.Used for hospital inventory and financial management. Manage the inventory by bar code.

There are more medical applications with barcode scanner modules! For example, Medical blood analyzes, Urine analyzer, Medical test tube read, Medical tablet. There are bar code scanner module in this equipment. Bar code is rapidly applied to all walks of life!

Rakinda, has specialized in bar code scanner module for 17 years; there are many kinds of bar code scanner. 1D barcode reader, 2D barcode scan engine; fixed mount reader, desktop scanner; mini reader.

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