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The Medical Tablet with the LV3080 Scanner Engine
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With the advancement of medical science and technology reform, mobile medical treatment has become an indispensable tool for modern medical treatment. Doctors and nurses can quickly see the latest status of patients through the medical tablet terminal, reduce the work intensity of medical staff and improve their medical standards. It is reported that a smart hospital in Zhuhai is through the medical tablet will be able to learn the patient’s medication, blood transfusion, sample collection, treatment and so on.

Medical tablet so magical to know the patient’s situation? According to hospital staff, in fact, their hospital is the establishment of a bar code scanning system wristbands for each hospitalized patients are wearing a barcode wristbands, the patient’s barcode wristbands have a unique coding information wristband, which is also medication with patients corresponding. By embedding the 2D code scanning module on the medical tablet, the medical staff can quickly and accurately know the patient’s medication by simply scanning the barcode wristband and the drug barcode information with the medical tablet.

As the most important scan recognition hardware in the medical tablet terminal, the scan module mounted on the medical tablet plays a very important role in identifying patient barcode wristband information and other information acquisition, which can not only improve the accuracy of identification and recording, but also avoid In the sample data collection and processing, testing and medication, patient referral and data management errors in the process, effectively avoid the identification of bit error caused by medical accidents.

The Medical Tablet with the LV3080 Scanner Engine

LV3080 Raspberry PI Barcode Scanner is world’s smallest 2D barcode scan engine, which can be integrated into space-constrained devices such as PDA.LV3080 is the world’s smallest 2D scan engine, armed with a computerized image recognition system, bringing about a new era of 2D barcode scan engines.The LV3080, a compact, lightweight engine fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipment such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.The LV3080 also features an industrial grade sensor with no moving parts to wear out and the product is carefully designed based on years of industry knowledge for easy integration into OEM devices.

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