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Australia Has Developed a New Type of Microscope Using Bar code laser Scanning Technology
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:655

Australian National University announced on the 23rd, the school researchers to create a new microscope, which can use the barcode laser scanning technology in vivo blood vessels and brain neurons in the dynamic images.

Dr. Lee, who led the study, was an expert in biomedical optics for the Australian National University. He said that this new microscope can be used to analyze complex medical problems, including blood diseases, cancer, nervous system diseases. The new microscope can be “fast forward” or “slow release” to capture the movement of cells in the blood or brain neurons, then the existing other microscopes on the market more flexible and advanced.


Barcode Scanners Engine are common to items in supermarkets. Australian National University researchers will use bar code scanners and other technologies in new microscopes. By arranging the polygon mirror used in the laser microscope in the laser microscope, the illumination laser can scan the biological sample quickly through the reflection of the variable speed of the rotatable polygon mirror. The new technology will be commonly used in the 10 mirror to 36 mirror, while increasing the laser intensity, to achieve laser scanning speed doubled, the time is reduced to a few thousandths of a second.

Dr. Lee said that the innovation of this study is the use of more advanced electronic and custom software control in the microscope system to achieve real-time imaging of 800 frames per second.

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