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2D Barcode Scanner Application in Medical Industry
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:653
2D barcode scanner module can be seen in the domestic application field from people daily life to all aspects of the industry, now it start to flourish in the medical industry
Here are serveral typical application scenarios of 2D barcode module in medical industry.
2D Barcode Scanner Application in Medical Industry
One, Meterials and financial management for hospital admission and sales,
Second, Record the patients’ basic information, it also inculdes medical information such as medical history and allergies.
Third, Reduce the medical errors, The QR code has a very wide application.If the patient’s wristband has a QR code, the patient can be effectively identified.Both drugs and test containers are labeled with QR codes.The nurse should check these information before the doctor’s order, so as to minimize human error.
2D QR Code Barcode Scanner
Shenzhen Rakinda LV3000R Compact and easy to integrate design. The small form factor enables easy integration into various solutions. This 1D/2D fixed barcode scanner has an IP54 rating making it dust & water-proof.
The core technology includes the optical, CMOS, digitizer, decoder, image processing & embedded systems. The scanner supports all global standard 1D and 2D barcode symbologies. Its’ reading performance reaches and exceeds global standards. By using the accessories provided, the user can ideally set up the scanner to its user environment.
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