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Intelligent Trash Can Scan Two-dimensional Code Classification Put On
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-02 | Views:677

In daily life, the green classification of garbage bin is already everywhere, but because of the lack of intelligent classification system and regulatory mechanisms, “garbage classification” gradually become formalized not useful. This scenario, the Shenzhen rakinda with self-service terminal manufacturers, software vendors launched a set of the garbage bar code intelligent classification management application program, cultivate the public garbage classification habits, help “smart city” green development.

Intelligent trash cans by the classification cabinet, take the bag cabinet composition. Each kind of garbage disposal cabinet and two-dimensional code garbage bag classification information one by one correspondence. Users through the mobile phone APP scan code can receive garbage bags. Residents will be home garbage into different types of garbage bags when putting on the garbage, just in the rubbish barcode scanning window scan the garbage two-dimensional code, you can open the corresponding door.

Intelligent Trash Can Scan Two-dimensional Code Classification Put On

In the residents through the mobile phone APP scan code to take the bag, the residents of the registration information and garbage bags two-dimensional code information to complete the binding. Residents will be different types of garbage dispensing to seven types of garbage bags, through print the two-dimensional code garbage bag, you can open the corresponding garbage put cabinets, put garbage. If the garbage bag and the delivery cabinet corresponding error, you can not open the garbage cabinet.

In this intelligent application, intelligent trash with two-dimensional code scanning module barcode automatic identification, acquisition and data transmission performance of the trash for intelligent control at the same time, to achieve community waste classification management.

The program based on the “Internet +” thinking, innovative business model, through the means of modern information technology, the establishment of the garbage real-name system and traceable management system. The staff of the garbage collection station can use Hand bar code acquisition terminal acquire the reliable and reliable data and decision-making for the whole process of waste generation, collection, transportation and disposal, utilization, stand by and so on.

And as an intelligent trash important information collection accessories, two-dimensional barcode scanner module performance system can determine whether the normal classification of operations. In view of the intelligent trash bin two-dimensional code scanning module high frequency of the use of features, Shenzhen rakinda to push a special 4500 series of two-dimensional code scanner for domestic and foreign intelligent scanning terminal manufacturers to provide rest assured that the embedded bar code scanner choice!

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