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Small Module Big Role! 3096 Sweep Recognition Performance Is Very Good
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-11 | Views:407

I am 3096 embedded two-dimensional barcode scanning engine, called “3096 scan head”. I am small size but rich in content, 21.17 (w) × 14.6 (D) × 11.52 (H) mm volume will be integrated in the decoder board and camera in one, strong performance, very suitable for embedded products used in various industries, such as medical tablet, Logistics PDA, smart small appliances and so on.

So, I embedded in the medical tablet, logistics PDA, smart small appliances, and other applications, in the end, what role? In fact, my professional is to read all kinds of the mainstream one-dimensional bar code and standard two-dimensional bar code, through a variety of intelligent terminal combination, barcode automatic identification technology can play the greatest value. Here I give three examples to illustrate my big value.

1, Medical tablet + 3096 scan head to help nurses quick execution doctor’s advice

Medical tablet to me as a bar code electronic eye, scan the patient barcode wrist strap, can help the nurse to quickly confirm the patient name, age, condition, medication list and related medical information; scan drug packaging barcode, you can confirm whether the corresponding human medicine, and real-time record The implementation of the infusion of patients and complete the process of patrol.

Medical tablet

2, logistics PDA by 3096 scan head to promote logistics information management

Logistics PDA embedded with my own bar code acquisition and data transmission performance, the flow of goods wrapped in the bill of lading bar code real-time collection and information storage; re-use of wireless data transmission technology, real-time data quickly and accurately back to the background database, End real-time query logistics status, and promote logistics information management.


3, Barcode scanning microwave – Intelligent heating

Intelligent microwave oven fusion scanning identification, data transmission function characteristics, through the microwave food packaging on the bar code scanning, automatically match the food set in advance the best time and fire and microwave instructions to cook, to achieve intelligent microwave oven, automation.


Small module big role! Although I am the small volume, but the performance of sweep code recognition is great! At present, I am in Shenzhen Rakinda listed sales, if you want to further understand me, come to consult!

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