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The smart coffee machine barcode scanning head intelligent sweep code brewing
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-21 | Views:523

If the coffee machine connected to a barcode scanning head, you can identify the coffee capsule cooking method and follow the process operation, the idea is not very incredible?

The idea is to come from the network posted a top of the 'lazy' user suggested: "If every kind of coffee capsules are affixed with a dedicated two-dimensional code label, coffee machine to identify barcode information can follow the tips to the coffee capsule 'high temperature Boiled for two minutes, cooling for a minute, at a temperature of 1 minute 'and so on.

smart coffe machine

People often say that life creative more "lazy" to commit lazy thinking born. And from the facts, these words can not leave at all. At present the market is not all smart coffee machine because of "lazy thinking" and students. Since the popularity of smart coffee machine ideas, more and more coffee machine manufacturers began to design a new coffee machine model, through the addition of scanning head to integrate barcode automatic identification technology. In the system control, the establishment of an online database, as long as the coffee farm has been settled in the production of coffee capsule barcode scanning head can identify and get the necessary coffee brewing information.

According to the editors understand that the smart coffee machine combined with intelligent coffee brewing system, with the embedded barcode scanning head, can be cooked in the drink before the coffee bag into the barcode, and according to self-identification of the capsule type, automatically adjust the water temperature Power to produce the most perfect drink.

lv3096 barcode scanner module

'Lazy' a little lazy action can always bring unlimited creative inspiration for life, but also to bring manufacturers unlimited business opportunities. Thanks to the 'lazy' coffee machine creative ideas, Shenzhen vision of a special push a smart coffee dedicated two-dimensional barcode scanning head - LV3096. According to reports, LV3096 two-dimensional barcode scanning head, compact size, can be easily embedded smart coffee machine applications; excellent decoding technology, you can read the coffee capsule on the one-dimensional two-dimensional barcode information; sensitive sensitive, Sweep, you can automatically identify what needs to be temperature, how much time, what kind of water to brew drinks.

At present, LV3096 embedded barcode payment scanning module has been fully applied, and by virtue of excellent scanning performance and good embedded, by the domestic and international smart coffee machine manufacturers wide acclaim.

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