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Smart flat catch barcode scanning module easily scan code checking station
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2016-08-15 | Views:1036

     Internet information age, holding a cell phone, ID card drive is not uncommon. Public Wang recently to catch a fashionable trip: she uses a mobile phone APP purchased a ticket at the ticket into the station, ticket inspectors handheld smart flat on her cell phone in front of it, to complete the ticket validation. "Before the station are queuing at the ticket, even if the online booking have to wait in long queues for the tickets machines that self-tickets. And now with the electronic ticket ticket direct stop, just much more convenient." Said Wang Group is pleased .

tickets machines

 Smart flatbed scanning tickets
      "Mobile APP tickets, after successful payment, the order page will generate a barcode of electronic documents. As long as passengers show electronic documents on your phone so that tellers use smart flat sweep, to ticket on the train without a paper ticket." Station person in charge said. In order to verify this statement, he bought a ticket online, and came to the wicket with the editors, the first smart phone tablet sweep under the bar code, and soon recognized as a successful, complete recount.

     Application of smart flat wicket terminal station in Automotive, the pit mouth greatly improve the efficiency of ticket ticket, passengers accelerated flow rate to solve the congestion problems caused by stop passengers stranded and also reduce the consumption of paper ticket, low-carbon environmental protection; in passengers, smartphone barcode electronic documents, portable, freely accessible, quick fashion.

Smart flatbed scanning window

Smart flatbed scanning window embedded LV3096 dimensional scanning module
     According to the editors insight into this smart flat Rakinda LV3096 by integrating barcode scanning module to complete the verification of electronic bar code on the ticket, and ultimately the passenger ticket scan code stint. As an important accessory smart flat wicket terminal, LV3096 barcode scanning module offers superior bar code scanning technology, bar code and mobile phone electronic bar code paper tickets on all have good scanning performance, both to enhance the passenger experience, but also to speed up the flow of passengers, domestic and foreign manufacturers assured smart flat bar code identification module selection!

     In addition, LV3096 barcode scanning module compact dimensions, ideal for embedding in a variety of intelligent handheld terminals (smart tablet phone, data acquisition, scanner, etc.). Friends who are interested can call the customer service hotline Rakinda understand!

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