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2D QR Code Scanner Access Control Device is Used for Gate in Buildings
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-03-28 | Views:1415

Recently, with the development of the society, there are increasing more people to use mobile phone, especially among in young people, they need phone all the time. And 2D QR code is so popular with customers to pay for the goods, check the price and entrance the door in metro, parking lot and buildings etc.


Basing the core technology of the 2D bar code access control that is intelligently upgraded to create a safe, convenient and efficient information construction site successfully. Rakinda launched a new QR Code access control device that is embedded with 2d barcode scanner and IC card reader. The access control device has Wiegand 26 or 34 and TCP/ IP interface, which is easy to achieve multiple networking. And the device can read the screen code with beep swiftly with optional functions, NFC card reader, Bluetooth and Wifi etc.


Comparing with the traditional access control system, lots of the districts are used in magnetic card, the disadvantage is that guests need security with the inquiry, telephone, registration, etc. to confirm the identity to be permitted to come in when visit because they have no card. But it is so convenient to use 2D code scanner access control device. The host just needs to send a QR code generated automatically in the "visitor pass" to the guest’s phone. And the guest scans the QR code onto the window of bar code reader machine, if the two codes can be matched, the guest will be allowed to enter the district. It can avoid unwanted person come in and record the event timely, effectively and correctively.

access control system

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