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MTR Tenders Change Turnstiles to Accept QR Code, Contactless Credit Card for Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-12-26 | Views:149
QR code payment is increasing popular with users nowadays. The MTR has issued a tender notice recently. It plans to replace 1,500 turnstiles and 420 ticket vending machines on a large scale and join payment methods such as QR Code and contactless credit cards, which will break the monopoly of Octopus.

This is the second update of the bidding tender after the bidding for the 2D barcode barriers in May. The bidding documents show that the new gate will be converted into a multi-smart payment (MEP) system that can accommodate Octopus, smart tickets, QR code-based mobile payment programs, contactless EMV cards, including physical cards and embedded mobile phones EMV. Cards, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
4500 series 2D fixed mount barcode scanner
Rakinda, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanner in China, OEM scan engine, devoting to offering customers the whole solution of the technology and industrial application cases. And they launched 4500 series 2D fixed mount barcode scanner that can be used for reading screen QR code quickly from low power mobile phone, filmed phone or colorful barcodes even in low brightness with higher performance to improve the speed of passing of the gate and the customers’ experiences and speed up checking tickets.

If have any interests, please feel free to contact us, we will offer you better solutions and service. There are many videos and pictures of successful application cases in Rakinda that provided the barcode scanners to Guangzhou Metro and Beijing Metro.
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