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Beijing Metro's Official Network scanning code
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-07-26 | Views:337
QR code Scanner is widely fast used in many kinds of kiosks in the world. Self-service stations are becoming more popular in healthcare and transportation and for workforce management in a wide variety of industries.On May 19, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission announced that the two-dimensional code of the entire Beijing Metro Rail Transit Network (excluding the Xijiao Line) had passed the "trial period" assessment and began to run. The reporter learned from the Municipal Traffic Commission that since April 29, the whole network has been opened for trial operation of the QR code. In the “trial period” of nearly 20 days, there were 5.32 million scans by subway.
Beijing Metro's Official Network scanning code
Brushed two-dimensional code into the subway yesterday officially put into use
Relevant persons in charge of the Beijing Municipal Traffic Committee introduced that on May 19, the Beijing Metro Rail Transit Network (excluding the Xijiao Line) was ushered in a “test turn”.

Since April 29th, the whole network opened the trial run QR code. In the “probation period” of nearly 20 days, the easy-to-use APP system has been running steadily by using Rakinda 4500-20 QR code reader. The two-dimensional code car service passed the “appearance test” and will be The plan is transferred to official operation. According to reports, during the trial operation, the cumulative number of two-dimensional yards exceeded 5.32 million. Passengers with different routes took two-dimensional codes to enter the station were different. Among them, the top five stations for the number of stations were Line 10, Line 4 - Daxing Line, Line 1, Line 6 and Line 5 respectively.
Beijing Metro's Official Network scanning code
One-way ticket usage has dropped by about 20%
According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Traffic Commission, passengers can only queue up for tickets if they need to buy a one-way ticket. In particular, the subway station connected to the train station has a serious queuing phenomenon. It takes even 30 minutes for the passengers to queue up during the passenger flow.

Through the Easy Access APP, passengers are free to choose to directly brush the QR code, take the ticket at the online ticketing station, and purchase tickets on the spot to save time. In addition, you can enjoy the fare accumulative preferential policy by using the QR code to get more passengers to get benefits.
Statistics show that one-way ticket passengers prefer the QR code. Since the entire network opened the two-dimensional code ride service, the total daily passenger traffic was basically the same as before the opening, and the number of single-pass ticket users decreased significantly, with a drop of about 20%.

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