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Turnstile 1D 2D Phone Barcode Reader
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-22 | Views:276
Turnstile is the electric controller. And it is used in park, hall, supermarket, subway, airport.
Commonly RFID reader is embedded in Turnstile. Now with the popularity of Phone payment, E-ticket, phone QR barcode reader is used widely in turnstile. 
It is the habit of people taking the phone, and it is also the habit of people forgetting to take some things. So, many things are combined with phone; Phone payment, E-ticket say hi to the world.

At present, Amazon Go, the intelligent supermarket without cashier is hot topic; the turnstile with phone bar code reader is also built in this 24-hour store. Because the buyer should scan the electric QR code on phone and then step into the market to shopping. 

And in the park, people own the e-ticket on phone scan the code before the reader; it is fast, and also save many resources, for example paper, tree.
Turnstile 1D 2D Phone Barcode Reader
Rakinda, as the Golden supplier of barcode scanner module, design the phone barcode reader on the request of market. For example, the scanner is with large reading window according to the size of phone; the scanner is with white LED light to read the phone barcode fast due to the light of phone; what is more,the key point it that the scanner is with professional decode chip to decode the bar code fast and delivery the information to the service.

And the scanner is with USB, RS232 interface. It is used all around the world, for example,  the readers are embedded in American Kiosk, Brazil Turnstile, Australia Access Control System, Russia Check-Price Equipment. 
Please catch the chance, with the hot of Phone Payment, do the business with us to Win-Win. 
Our brand is Rakinda; The scanner is RD4500R phone qr code reader. Action now!
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