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Access Control QR Scanner NFC Reader
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E-ticket on phone is hot on the market. It is easy to take. And it can save the power. Because the lifestyle is fast, people like the convenient and fast way. And it also the lifestyle of people taking phone; they can communicate with the other people directly. So it is wonderful way that QR code cooperates with phone. 

And how to read the e-ticket on phone? The answer is professional phone barcode reader. There is LV4200 white QR code bar code reader and RD4500 series phone barcode scanner. We design RD4600, RD4500R, RD4500-20, RD4500I LCD code bar code reader; the key reading machine of these scanners are same with different shape, exactly the place of glass. 
Access Control Machine with phone QR code reader and NFC reader
Before the E-ticket, RFID label is with big market. And many people still like this way. While in order to catch the market of Qr code, so Qr code in E-ticket and RFID both are in market.

And Access Control Machine with phone QR code reader and NFC reader say Hi on the request of the market. It can read QR code on phone, and it also can read RFID label. This Access Control Scanner is in black. And LV4200 QR code reader white scanner with TTL232/USB interface is embedded in this device. As for this scanner, it is with light yellow, when scanning the barcode, the LED light will turn on, and the decoder chip is with high quality; and it is with fast decode speed and delivery speed.
It is used widely in Access control system, turnstile. 

So if you would like to read the QR code and RFID label, our Access Control Scanner is the perfect one.

Any interest in our scanner, please contact Rakinda, the 18-year supplier of barcode reader

Access Control QR Scanner NFC Reader

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