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QR Code Scanner for Access Control System
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The access control system with QR code scanner, combined with the characteristics of the bar code. It will send valid certificates to the students, teachers, parents, logistics staff on campus. In this way, when parents enter the campus, they can easily scan the code on the reading machine, which facilitates the personnel management of incoming and outgoing. As a school, you need to register parents’ mobile phone number and the family’s second-generation ID number. The parent’s mobile phone will receive the SMS containing the QR code sent by the school using the QR code campus access control system platform. At the same time, ID cards and mobile phones will be verified to ensure the safety of people entering and exiting.
RD4500R 2d barcode scanner
RD4500R barcode scanner Features:
1. Safe, simple and convenient for the school. It also can save time and labor costs. The traditional need for personnel to register information is too cumbersome and the security is low.
2. Novel and fashionable the code can be forwarded takes cell phone as acquisition method. Since the mobile phone belongs to the user's carry-on items, therefore it is very convenient to use.
3. The campus access control system can support multiple forms of credential verification.
4. The campus access control system platform provides accurate statistical data, and the school can grasp the information of personnel entering and exiting accurately.
rakinda RD4500R QR Code Scanner for Access Control System
In order to solve this problem, Shenzhen Rakinda has developed a 2D code intelligence application to protect the safety of people entering and exiting. As long as the QR code scanner module is embedded in the access control terminal, the application of the 2D code intelligent access control can be realized. Rakinda RD4500 series barcode scanner module have hardware assist tools and software assist tools for rapid application development, high-volume screen bar codes for screen, fast scan code, strong performance, and module of core functions.

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