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New application of smart access control
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In recent years, the topic of AI has been a hot topic of public conversation. At the 4th Global Internet Summit this year, Li Yanhong said, “The demographic dividend of the Internet is over, and it will be driven by AI (artificial intelligence) in the future.” Now many leading industry leaders are committed to developing quoting AI applications. In 2018, AI is gradually being applied in the transportation, medical and other industries

In addition to the above application environment, the application of AI in residential housing is also gradually developing. Due to the arrival of outside visitors, it will bring unnecessary trouble to residents. Especially when there is no one at home during work hours, the arrival of strange visitors may bring security risks and increase residents’ anxiety. In order to solve this problem, Shenzhen Rakinda has developed a 2D code intelligence application to protect the safety and life of residents.

2D code intelligent access control

2D code intelligent access control

Shenzhen Rakinda developed 2D code intelligent access control, and can open the door when the 2D code is verified. In addition, when a guest visits, you do not need to go outside to open the door. You just need to send a verification code to your friend and verify it. The 2D code is replaced once every minute, and the timeliness is fast, which improves the security performance of the access control.

As long as the QR code scanning module is embedded in the access control terminal, the application of the 2D code intelligent access control can be realized. Rakinda LV4200 has hardware assist tools and software assist tools for rapid application development, fast configuration and deployment of special functions for low-brightness, high-volume screen bar codes for various types of films, fast scan code, strong performance, and module of core functions. Design, green low power consumption, to extend the service life; can read all the international standard 1D bar code and the mainstream of the 2D code, reading performance reached the international advanced level.

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