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QR Payment For Xi’an Metro Starting From Jan 1st, 2018
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QR payment has been used for Metro yesterday in Xi An city from China.

January 1 From now on, Xi’an will not only be able to brush cell phones to take the subway, have ants forest energy, but also have the country’s first “ants planted in the city forest.”

On January 1, Xi’an Subway, Xi’an City Administration and Ant Financial Gold tripartite announced that afterwards, regardless of Xi’an citizens or foreign tourists, as long as they brush the Xi’an Metro App and Alipay, they will be able to directly enter and exit from all subway stations and still be able to produce Ants forest energy. At the same time, the Xi’an Urban Management Bureau and the Ant Forest have started cooperation. It is estimated that in March this year, Xi’an citizens will be able to plant the real “ant forest” for Xi’an using their saved ant forest energy.

And Xi’an has, therefore, become the ant gold service, “a hundred low-carbon travel plan,” the first leg, ants gold service CEO Xi Yin Dong said the ant gold service hope that through science and technology, help low-carbon travel, the construction of beautiful China.

Brush mobile phone can take the subway Xi’an Metro in the forefront of the country

QR Payment For Xi’an Metro Starting From Jan 1st, 2018

“We will work together with the Xi’an Municipal Government to make Xi’an the first Mobile Smart City on the Silk Road. At the signing ceremony of the” Smart City for Mobile Technology “between Xi’an City and ant gold clothing four months ago, Alibaba’s board of directors Chairman Ma Yun said that the two sides agreed to carry out all-round cooperation in the areas of transportation, commerce, people’s livelihood, government affairs and credit.

Just four months later, Xi’an Metro all stations to achieve the brush Xi’an Metro App or Alipay out of station. In order to encourage citizens to develop low-carbon travel habits, if brush Alipay or brush bound Alipay account Xi’an Metro App, but also produce ants forest energy. Today, Provincial Party Committee, Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yongkang, Mayor Shangguan Jiqing and representatives of the public together to experience the subway using a mobile phone code scanning gatekeeper fast and convenient.

The first use of passengers only receive the first App in Xi’an Metro “subway Xi’an electronic card”, or after receiving the “Xi’an Electronic Metro Card” “Alipay – – pay car code”, the lead card is successful, the phone QR code scanners on the subway gate on the sweep, you can directly out of the subway station, but also enjoy the random set by discount. Even in the absence of a signal or Alipay no money in the case, passengers can also “first ride, post-paid”, spend chanting users can also take the subway this month, give money next month.

This subway support brush cell phone across the board, Xi’an and walk in the forefront of the national city. According to the person in charge of Xi’an Metro Company told reporters, “At present Xi’an Metro Line site under the jurisdiction of the cloud gate machine transformation and installation, commissioning work has been completed, the entire network of 66 sites, at least ‘one into one’ special gate , Providing passengers through the phone scan code barrier. ”

QR Payment For Xi’an Metro Starting From Jan 1st, 2018

“In 2018, every month, new cities will launch mobile payments in the public transport subway area,” said Liu Xiaojie, general manager of Ant Financial Wear Urban Services Division

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