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Barcode Scanner for Smart Building Control Systems
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With the development of Internet technology, intelligent building is higher to the requirement of access control, at the same time when ensuring the safety of residents, the complex access control operation also caused a lot of inconvenient for users. According to statistics, the global most visitors need to show their identification card and be registered before they can access the building.Because of the cumbersome process, this way give visitors a lot of psychological burdens.Visitors fear that personal information will be leaked when it is recorded in the building. Traditional access has been unable to meet the needs of contemporary people.

In view of this situation, RAKINDA IoT (Internet of things) has specially introduced a special barcode scanner and its application program.The barcode scanner is embedded into the access control system, and the bar code identification, acquisition and transmission characteristics of the barcode reader are integrated to expand the function of qr code access control. Using the screen qr code from mobile phone apps as the voucher to provide convenient access for visitors,it also guarantees the real information supervision and management of the management personnel to the office personnel.

Barcode Scanner for Smart Building Control Systems

According to the principle of qr code access control, visitors must hold the “temporary qr code” provided by the inviter. The “temporary qr code” of the visitor is aimed at the qr code scanner window of the office turnstile, which can be verified before entering the building. “Temporary qr code” is a customized qr code for visitors, which can only be used within a limited time.

What is a good barcode scanner module to recommend for the building control systems?
RD4500R 2d barcode scanner has a interface is USB or RS-232.It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.Its light source is LED white light and the Industrial grade is IP65. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,turnstile,vending machine,very nice.

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