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QR Code Access Control System, Use Mobile Phone Scan Bar code to Open the Door
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In 2012, mobile phone access control products were introduced domestically. In 2015, it was favored by many top 100 real estate enterprises. In 2016, it entered a stage of rapid development. it is the most popular way to use 2D code to open the door by mobile phone, which has a unique visitor access and high safety factor and is widely used in office buildings, living quarters, joint office, gym and other scenes, but there are still many laymen questioned the security of 2d code access control system, so we will show to analyze the basic knowledge of 2d code technologies in mobile phone access control for everyone.

2D code is fallen into static 2d code and active code (also known as variable 2D code). The static code can encode the phone, address, website address and other information directly (usually up to 50 characters) and can be scanned and displayed without networking. The disadvantage is that the generated 2d code pattern is very complicated and not easy to be identified and printed with the low error rate. Besides, printed content can not be changed and not store pictures and files.

QR Code Access Control System, Use Mobile Phone Scan Bar code to Open the Door

Active code is an advanced form of QR code that points to information stored in the cloud via a Short URL , which is more flexible than static 2d codes. The same 2d code can change different content, it can adapt to the needs of timely updates, and the pattern is simple that is easier to scan from promotion or record keeping long from the point of view. In addition, the scanning data can be statistically easy to monitor the effect.

It is similar to apply 2d code in the access control system betwee 2d code active code technologies of Alipay, which enables the open-door technical teams to perform encryption operation on the basis of active code technologies and combine the coding method of 2d code with the encryption technology to a great extent improve the security of the QR code application in the access control system.

The active code (the password is only opened once per code) generated by the owner / staff’s mobile terminal (APP / WeChat public number), and the system is updated every minute automatically (time can be set), that is to say, a QR code once was used or lapsed for more than a certain period of time, it will be invalid if you want to open the access control by intercepting and copying the QR code.

“QR Code Pass” of Temporary visitors is sent by the inviter in the form of WeChat or SMS. The inviter can set the timeliness and number of valid times of the QR code, which can not be achieved to open the door when the invalid period or the number of times of using exceeds the set number of times, and the inviters must be responsible for the identity of the visitors. Before generating the visitors’ QR code, they need to fill in the visitor’s identity information. Visitors’ access information will be permanently uploaded to the platform, facilitating the management of inquiry and management of the visitors, which increase the level of security rating.

QR Code Access Control System, Use Mobile Phone Scan Bar code to Open the Door

The current 2d code access control is still in the development stage, in the “Internet +” trend, its market expansion and opportunities are still is a huge imagination in future.

Rakinda launched a new device that is embedded with 2d barcode scanner named 4500 series recently. The access control device is TCP/ IP interface, which is easy to achieve multiple networking. And the device can read the screen barcode in low brightness with beep quickly with optional functions, RFID card reader, Bluetooth, and Wifi etc.

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