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QR Code Plays an Important Role in Intelligent Tourism
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Wisdom tourism is proposed from the “smart earth” and the “smart city”, which is practiced in China. It mainly perceives and provides information on tourism resources, economy, activities and tourists in a timely manner so that people can understand and plan tourism well in time. The QR code has the advantages of low cost, convenient communication, large information capacity and high reliability. As one of the sensing and recognition technologies, the QR code is one of the key technologies to realize the wisdom tourism.

QR Code Plays an Important Role in Intelligent Tourism

QR code plays an important role in wisdom tourism by the following three specific:
1. Electronic Coupons Become Travel Discounted Tools
QR code e-coupon is the most basic application of QR code, tourism business activities, marketing as long as the generation of a small QR code electronic vouchers, consumers can buy tickets online and enjoy discount after arrival.

2. QR Code Smart Tickets are Convenient and Stylish
Visitors can refer to the tourism service platform in advance to find the corresponding scenic spots, to understand ticket types, prices, remaining votes and discount information, etc., and determine the purchase and complete the payment. After the success of the ticket, users can receive MMS or E-ticket with QR code. It completed the attraction smart ticket purchase. When arriving at the tourist attractions, visitors can show the ticket with QR code, and scan it by the turnstile, which has built-in QR code scanner module.

QR Code Plays an Important Role in Intelligent Tourism

3. QR Code Electronic Tour Guide Improves the Quality of Tourism
QR code electronic guide refers to the scenic spots displaying in the mobile Internet portal, in the form of 2D code displayed in the tickets or attractions. As long as visitors use mobile phone to scan the corresponding QR code, visitors can hear the overall area or local attractions related Presentation.

Rakinda RD4600 2D Barcode Scanner is good choice for scenic spots access control systems, as it can read both printed and phone screen QR code. To know more info, please check our website: www.rakinda.com

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