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Intelligent Turnstile is Embedded with 2D Code Scanner Engine to Achieve “Scan Code to Enter Campus”
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-09 | Views:480

With the popularity of 2d barcode technology, an ecological park is introduced with the intelligent gate access control system that embedded 2d barcode reader, the admission method is changed from traditional manual check to sell-service 2d code tickets recently. Visitors can purchase paper QR code tickets through the manual ticketing office or get 2d code electronic tickets through mobile phone booking.

“Scan code to enter campus” is a so intelligent way of checking that it attracts many tourists come to experience. And many tourists will talk about scanning code into the park experience: this is more convenient than manual ticketing, people don’t not need to queue up in holiday, admission speed is faster, which is too practical!

Intelligent Turnstile is Embedded with 2D Code Scanner Engine to Achieve “Scan Code to Enter Campus”

But How it works? Park intelligent barriers are embedded QR code scanner, combined with 2D code electronic ticketing system and the integration of code scanning ticket function module, which not only enrich the level of tourism services, but also enhance the degree of tourists experience that can make the park achieve intelligent management forward a big step.

Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of bar code recognition. According to the functional requirements of 2d code turnstile, Rakinda launched the embedded 4500 series 2d QR code scanner to enhance the code scanning experience. At present, the barcode scanning module is widely used in access gates, 2d code access control, self-service ordering machines and other self-service terminals, welcome to consult!

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