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Access Control System With Rakinda Scanner Module
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Access control system as the name suggests is the entrance and exit control system, which is based on the traditional door locks developed. Traditional mechanical locks are mere mechanical devices, and no matter how reasonable the structure is and how sturdy the material is, people can always open it by a variety of means. The management of the keys in a lot of access (like offices, hotel rooms) is cumbersome, the key is lost or the replacement of personnel is required to be replaced with the lock and the key. In order to solve these problems, the emergence of the electronic magnetic card lock, electronic password lock, the emergence of these two locks to a certain extent, improve the degree of people on the entrance channel management, channel management into the electronic age, but with the two continuous application of electronic locks, their own defects gradually exposed, the problem of magnetic locks is easy to copy information, card and card reader wear large, high failure rate, low safety factor. The problem with the password lock is that the password is easy to leak and cannot be checked. The security factor is very low. At the same time, the product of this period is mostly installed in the door because it mostly adopts the card reading part and the control part, and can be easily unlocked by a person outdoors. This period of access control system with the related scanning module is still stuck in the early immature stage, so the access control system was often called electronic locks, the application is not widespread.

Access Control System With Rakinda Scanner Module

In recent years, with the development of proximity card technology and biometric identification technology, the access control system has been leapfrogged and has entered a mature stage. There have been many problems such as the induction card access control system, the fingerprint access control system, the iris access control system, the face recognition access control system, Out of order keyboard access control systems and other technology systems, they have their own advantages in security, convenience, manageability, access control system applications are also more and more widely.

A variety of scanning modules from Shenzhen Rakinda technology, due to its excellent scanning performance, easy to embed features such as small, become the best choice for many access control projects, such as LV4200 barcode scanner module and 4500 series barcode scanner module, access control in the office, scenic Access control Government access control and other fields, have been widely praised.

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