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The Right Way to Take the Subway in Future is Quick Scanning Code to Enter Barrier
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-20 | Views:453

In the popular era of scanning code, the mobile phone is not just a mobile wallet, but also an unimpeded traffic card. In addition to the most popular bus code scanning in the transport sector, many metros have been upgrading and revamping the original gateways, adding self-sensing embedded 2d code scanners, integrating the automatic identification, acquisition, and data transmission performance of mobile screen codes. Dock the mobile payment code data collected and 2D code checking ticket turnstile system and mobile payment system so as to achieve the “scan code to check” function in the cities.

The Right Way to Take the Subway in Future is Quick Scanning Code to Enter Barrier

It is understood that a barrier is embedded with a 2d barcode reader that can directly recognize and transmit the 2d code of the screen information and can achieve good results both in enhancing passenger experience and reducing passenger congestion. Whether it is tourists, visitors or local residents,, you can avoid waiting in line to buy tickets, forget about the distress of the traffic card, just need to turn on the mobile phone with Alipay or WeChat QR code, scan barcode on top of the scanning window of the QR code scanner, you can take the subway easily.

At present, there are most subway gates are embedded with poor quality 2d code scanner in the market, the sensitivity of the phone screen code is relatively poor and code scanning performance is lower, which couldn’t decode the barcode information at all in dark phone screen and backlight, and it is also easy to get stuck under prolonged working conditions, which seriously affects passengers’ travel experience. As a high-tech enterprise with automatic identification technology as its core, Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of barcode recognition. According to the functional requirements of 2d code turnstile, Rakinda launched the embedded 4500 series 2d QR code scanner module to enhance the code scanning experience. If have any interests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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