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QR Code Scanner in Access Control Solutions
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It is always important to protect the company and personal assets for every business regardless of their size. Security is a greater concern than ever and advances and development in access control technology have moved well beyond the traditional lock and key method. Electronic access control provides improved security and better management of your facility access by utilizing secure IDs that can be tracked at every doorway. Control who has access to your building and never have to change a lock again.

QR Code has been used in access control system. Having the right combination of management software and access hardware is an important decision to ensure the greatest level of security while being easy to operate. An access control system is an effective and convenient way to control who has access to your facility at any time.
The owner will send a valid QR code to the person who will enter the building or community. The cloud will memorize the principles of valid QR code. If the QR code scanned is proved to be valid, the door lock will be open. If not, the door won’t open.

QR Code Scanner in Access Control Solutions

What are the Key Benefits of an Access Control System?
An integrated access control system provides safety and accountability in any business.

• Prevention – Control access rights by the user to stop theft before it can happen.

• Security – Set alarms, notifications or area lockdowns to keep your business safe in all situations.

• Visibility – Run a variety of reports to know who accessed what and when.

• Peace of Mind – Know that your business assets and employees are protected.

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