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Intelligent Parking System With LV4500
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-06 | Views:458

Now as more and more people buy cars, the parking lot has become an indispensable part of every mall and hotel, but in the past, manual billing met only a handful of vehicles, compared to the current parking lot AI Machine is the best way. When the car into the parking lot, collected by the camera license plate and other car information and generate barcodes, printed on the specified thermal paper to the driver. When leaving, the driver simply barcode back to the parking lot parking gate, you can check out the parking time and pay.

Program features:
1, the owner of self-registration, payment, no toll staff, reduce manpower and reduce operating costs;
2, provide real-time data for city guidance information release;
3, for the government / operating units to provide occupancy statistics and analysis of parking spaces, provide data support for planning and decision-making;
4, payment of bank cards, cash, Alipay WeChat and other payment methods; intelligent car park self-service charge management solutions to achieve parking intelligent management, improve parking utilization, parking difficult to solve.

Intelligent Parking System With LV4500

The same in these self-service machines, the application of barcode scanning module is also very crucial, how to choose barcode scanning module for long-term sensitive work? First of all, to meet the following requirements:
1) working for a long time, the difference of environmental temperature is big.
2) Scanning needs extreme sensitivity, otherwise easily lead to customer experience worse.
3) smaller size, can not have a mechanical structure because the environment is more humid.

RD4500L barcode scanner from Rakinda technologies company is a great choice for the Parking lot management system, it not only has the strength of saving time and convenient but also can scan the long distance of the driver code. In a word, it must be the future technology and widespread.

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