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Barcode Scanner for Turnstile in Scenic Spot
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Recently, Tourism has developed fast, so the management of Tourism also becomes important. Based on the technology of Barcode and Smartphone, the smart 2D Barcode E-ticket management system of selling a ticket, checking ticket, collecting tickets and is created!

Barcode Scanner for Turnstile in Scenic Spot

How to work of this smart E-ticket Access Control System?
1.Tourists book the E-tickets through Phone App and then made the payment through Wechat, Alipay; that is Wechat Payment and Ali payment
2. After the payment, there will be a 2D Barcode on Phone; that is E-ticket;
3.Tourist goes into the famous place after scanning the E-ticket by E-Ticket barcode Reader embedded in Turnstile;

Barcode Scanner for Turnstile in Scenic Spot

Except for this way, there is another way is available to buy tickets in Kiosk.
1.Tourists buy the ticket through Kiosk;
2.And make payment through scanning Wechat or Alipay Payment Barcode; And then you will get the ticket;
3.Finally, scan the barcode on Turnstile.

To read barcode fast, there must be a barcode scan engine. And this QR code scanner is not only to decode 2D barcode but also read the paper ticket and e-ticket. And Rakinda LV4500 series barcode reader module can meet the request totally. After testing, the reading speed of LV4500 scanner module is 90 persons per minute; that is to say, it takes 0.67 seconds to go through the turnstile. What is more, this scanner is with white LED light, and it works well even under the night.

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