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Shenzhen rakinda 2d barcode scanner for access control
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With the development of intelligent terminals, channel gate is no longer confined to the airport, subway, railway stations and other places to do ticket inspection, but more used in high-grade office buildings, factories and enterprises, libraries, theaters, stadiums, convention centers, tourism Attractions and other public places, access control, time and attendance, electronic tickets, intelligent self-service equipment and other management systems.The traditional credit card check, and go to the service desk registration card, recharge inquiry, non-change and other services are in a window, we always need to wait in line for a long time, and the card is not only easy to take but also easy to lose, it is very inconvenient. Some channel gates require offline credit card into the gate, many passengers operating errors.

Shenzhen rakinda 2d barcode scanner for access control

The recent emergence of 2d barcode scanning has gradually been recognized by the public, and widely circulated applications. Intelligent channel gate machine embedded 2d barcode scanning module, with its barcode recognition, information collection and data transmission performance, the rapid realization of the ticket, not only enhance the consumer experience, but also ease the scenic peak hours ticket,and ticket pressure; at the same time application of dimension code electronic tickets reduces the printing of paper tickets, saves the operating costs and achieves the purpose of “green and environmental protection” travel.

Shenzhen rakinda can provide RD4500R 2D QR code scanner, For fix mounted 2D barcode scanner module, its price is usually high, which may be a problem encountered by customers. Now RD4500R will be a good solution for you. Its cost is reasonable and affordable, while its low cost does not compromise its good performance in scanning mobile phone screen. If you are interested in, pls contact as below.

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