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RD4500R Barcode Scanner for Smart Cashless ATM
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:410

There always have sometimes when people go out, they will forget to take cash or card, it will always embarrassed when you need payment for something . as the internet development, Bank has been rolling out smart cashless business, now people only thought 2D barcode scanner to come true the payment without the card.

2D barcode come out

RD4500R Barcode Scanner for Smart Cashless ATM

Open the mobile to scan QR code, This scene has been widely used in many consumer fields, now the popular wind has also gradually blown into the financial sector, following the QR code transfer, QR code payment and other functions, in the bank also quietly online ATM machine QR code withdrawal function

In addition to the traditional reservation function, the ATM card has added a QR code withdrawal function.Customers do not need to insert a card, as long as they scan the QR code with the mobile bank and enter the transaction password.For the whole withdrawal process, the customer first makes an appointment with the mobile phone bank to make an appointment with the “QR code,” and sets the withdrawal amount to save the reservation information, and then can withdraw the money from the nearest ATM.When withdrawals in the self-service machine according to the “QR code” withdrawal button on a page, click on the “code” withdrawal on mobile banking, scan the QR code, then the full withdrawal is finished.

Compared with the original reservation, the QR code can take out the steps of manually entering an appointment code, as long as you take a direct photo.Qr code withdrawal booking is valid on the same day.

Shenzhen Rakinda can supply RD4500R Scanner module which is specialized in Smart cashless ATM, it is good for mobile screen and very flexible for scanning the barcode, want to know more pls contact me.

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