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Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner Used In Hotel Management System
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:466
It is reported that “Vienna” five-star hotel is a large chain hotel, usually more passengers to register in the crowd, the cashiers task heavier. Especially in the customer checkout peak hours, the cashier needs to carry out complex computer operations.A lot of time and effort, it will lead to customers to wait for a long time and then greatly affecting the customer’s consumer experience. Rakinda Scan Group contrary to inefficient computer operation problems at the hotel, especially recommended desktop 2D barcode scanner RD4100. On the day when the hotel manager purchased the RD4100 barcode scanner, our company RAKINDA provided barcode scanner product installation and training services, so that the cashier could quickly grasp the method of operation.
Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner Used In Hotel Management System
Passengers only need to use the mobile phone to concern about the official hotels’ mobile APP application and through the “mobile mobile APP client” input personal information, to automatically generate electronic two-dimensional code.When the passengers ready to register at the hotel checkout, the cashier to scan the passenger’s mobile phone screen two-dimensional code through the desktop RD4100 2d barcode scanner, the hotel management system for passenger registration can access customer information and automatically enter the computer and storage.
Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner Used In Hotel Management System
If the customer needs pay it by mobile phone, they can choose the bar code mobile payment method.Customers can pay the money through the mobile phone APP application, and then the APP application will generate screen Qr code of the electronic.The cashier scan the passenger’s mobile phone screen Qr code through the desktop RD4100 2d barcode reader, used to confirm the customer has paid success and they can live in the hotel.The entire process network operates online without the need for passengers to carry cash.
The RD4100 provide customers with a more user-friendly experience, at the same time, the RD4100 barcode reader to help the hotel mobile platform to connect a lots of passenger crowd for promoting the second marketing in the future. At present, the RD4100 desktop 2d barcode scanner’s application has been promoted in the world’s many hotels and it get many praises from hotel administrators and travelers.
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