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2D Barcode Access Control System with Mobile Phone Barcode Scanner Module
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With the development of information technology, the traditional access control is easy to copy, loss, security and other issues that are highlighted gradually. At the same time, the 2D code technology is in-depth development and the popularity of smart phones to provide us with a new 2D code intelligent access control system program.

2D Barcode Access Control System with Mobile Phone Barcode Scanner Module

Compared to the traditional access control, what can’t be copied is that 2D code intelligent access control system gives the smart phone “scanning code unlock” function with 2D code technology and can’t be used without authorization by the property phone, which is conducive to the community property for mobile personnel data management to ensure the owner of the personal and property safety. However, how does the property build 2D code intelligent access control system?

1. The property’s security system software is upgraded: access to 2D code system intelligent access control software all-round, property management assists the owners of real-name authentication with access control APP usage authorization;
(Note: authorized successfully, the owners can download APP by themselves to get control access 2D code)
2. The hardware of access control equipment is upgraded: access control is embedded with 4500 series mobile phone 2D barcode scanner engine;
(Note: the owner just needs to scan the bar code of the phone on the scanning window, it can be achieved from the community door to the building access control, and then to the user door a pass as scanning successfully. )

How does the owner use the 2D code access control system?
1. Download the 2D code access APP for phone, then identity verification and complete the registration under the authorization of the property.
(Note: non – community owners can‘t use the access control system without the authorization of the property.)
2. After the completion of registration, firstly open the APP and bring 2D code that is generated automatically in the access control device scanning window to scan and when verify successfully, you can open the door.
(Note: access control equipment is embedded with 2D barcode scanner module with bar code scanning and data transmission performance, the owner can achieve their own “scanning barcode to open the door.”)
3. The owner can generate a temporary invitation code through the mobile phone APP and send to the guests on the phone, the guests could pass in and out to visit the district by themselves-mobile phone code when guest visits. Security will no longer register or inquire by visitors who hold temporary invitation codes.

2D Barcode Access Control System with Mobile Phone Barcode Scanner Module

2D code intelligent access control system make full use of intelligent access control system tagging function and excellent reading performance of 4500 series fixed mount 2D code scanner to achieve the real-name certification and access to the record of the community staff to ensure that there are people and platforms can be depended on to the maximum to avoid the customer for the door of the security concerns if have any problems in the service process.

As a 2D Barcode Access Control System with Mobile Phone Barcode Scanner Module, 4500 series scan high-speed sensitive, not only can scan the bar code in the paper, but also on the phone, ipad and other electronic screen bar code scanning. Scanning light is very soft, the users does not have to worry about scanning light will cause any threat to human health with perfect command control function, which can make the host precise control equipment to run with the whole system integration.

In addition, this product also has a large window design, grasping the greater bar code easily, is the smart access control at home and abroad, channel gates manufacturers assured bar code recognition module selection!

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