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QR Code Reader Bus Station E-ticket Access Control
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-07-31 | Views:110

To expand the sale of green ticket fast track
The program with 2D barcode technology, QR code was read by QR code reader to build mobile phone electronic ticketing distribution system for passengers to provide self-sale ticket service, to ease the pressure on the station traffic too much, but also for the city’s traffic travel to add a green fast track.

QR Code Reader Bus Station E-ticket Access Control

Development trend
With the mobile payment, online payment gradually popular, people’s lifestyle and consumption habits once again quietly changing. Followed by the mobile phone users to move the habit of gradually develop. The program in the mobile phone ticket, brush code ticket way, convenient and quick to meet the passenger payment habits at the same time, save the passengers queuing to pay the ticket pressure to enhance the passenger travel experience.

QR Code Reader Bus Station E-ticket Access Control

RD4500 scan module using excellent decoding technology, read the phone screen bar code information has a good performance performance, can be in the phone power shortage, mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., easy to read bar code, both to enhance the passenger experience, but also Speed up the passage of passengers in the station. In addition, FM30 large window design can easily grasp the greater bar code, is the domestic and foreign channel gates manufacturers reassuring bar code recognition module selection!

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